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mimi999999999 | 00:31 Tue 11th Jan 2022 | How it Works
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A lot of abuse is normalized in households and seen as discipline instead of abuse. I don’t know if this is abuse, so if I am just being extra I would appreciate if someone told me.

So basically I got into an argument with my parents, and my dad brought a belt and hit me so hard that it left a bruise on my neck. Then right after, my mom starts choking my throat with her own hands! Then after that, my mom slapped me across the face so hard that i couldn’t hear anything out of my right ear for a while.

Then another time, my parents were mad at me for skipping school, and my mom brought out a taser. YES A TASER! And she made me choose whether I wanted to be hit with the belt or tased with the taser.

I don’t know if this is normal or something that I should take seriously. What should I do?


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Speak to a responsible adult you trust about this, none of the above is acceptable.
It's certainly not 'normal' here in the UK (where this website is based) and it certainly shouldn't be 'normal' anywhere else in the world, in my opinion. In the UK, simply possessing a taser (even if it's unused) leads to a statutory minimum punishment of five year's imprisonment.
This is not normal, and it is not discipline. I agree, speak to a trusted adult.
Assuming that you're in the USA, contact Childhelp:
Abuse of any kind is not "normal". As already mentioned, you need to speak to a responsible adult you trust.
Any form of a child being hit is abuse. Reading your other posts I think that you and your family have issues that need to be addressed. I don't know how old you are but I think you should speak with a teacher or guidance councillor at school or call the child helpline as suggested
I think it may help if we know how old you are, and where you live, but in any case none of this is normal or acceptable.
id go to the police and have done with it, if your underage you will be placed in care or a kind relative.
This negates most of the advice I've already given you in other posts. No, this is not normal. Your parents should not be using weapons on you and you need to do as other people have advised here ie. call the police and/or a relative that you trust. If either your mom or your dad approach you with a belt or a taser or any other weapon, call 911.
of course it's not normal, most parents don't hurt their children this way, contact the police and tell them what's happening. If in the USA
as seems likely Buenchico link should be your first port of call. do it now.....

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