Removal Moving Boxes Dilema.?

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cleoval | 03:53 Wed 29th Dec 2021 | How it Works
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Hi, i am not sure what boxes to buy for moving from a 2 bed apartment.

15 double walled boxes length 57 cms ? or

20 single walled boxes height 53 cms. ?

what would you choose.? Thanks.


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You don't say how long or wide they are. Maybe both. It's amazing how much stuff youll have like pots and pans, bathroom stuff, cans. The double walled will be needed for some for pretection.
Double walled are better. They are stronger, and will cope with being stacked when loaded.
Are you moving the stuff yourself. We hired those strong hard plastic crates which were great. ..around 40
I would get some of each. The double walled for fragile things, the smaller for the non-breakable. Bear in mind that big boxes often end up very heavy to lift so smaller boxes are better in that respect.
Depends on the size, quantity and weight of what you wish to pack.
Only you know that.
Hoppy made a good point, double walled travel better.

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Removal Moving Boxes Dilema.?

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