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cleoval | 06:44 Sun 26th Dec 2021 | How it Works
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Hi when getting a quote for moving house from a removal firm if you are doing your own packing of boxes, is it better to pack them first and let the company come to the house and give a quote or let them come and visit and give a quote just by looking at the items without being in boxes.? Thanks.


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They will move your stuff from A to B but they won't pack it for you.

They might quote you for a day or a vehicle but they won't quote you by how much stuff you have. It's for you to decide how many vehicles you need or how many days' service you require.

They will load and unload the van for you though ...
I disagree with LCG. The removals companies I know come and assess the amount to be moved and the vehicle/s required to complete the job and they will pack for you if you want them to. Naturally there is an extra charge for that.
Some companies may not cover things with their insurance if you pack them yourselves too. Best to check first and ask them about anything you are not sure about.
I agree with Naomi, please don't tell anyone;-/
I agree with Naomi too. She's probably moved around more times than me.

I've only used a removal firm once so only have that one experience to go on.
Moved *house* more times than me...
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hi i will pack myself and want to move in 1 day. 1 vehicle will be enough.Thanks.
OK, that's what we did so I'll ask my husband what we paid when he's in the land of the living...
I don’t think you can compare costs unless the amount of stuff to be moved and the distance are similar - and even then I think charges differ from area to area. Best the OP call the company and ask them exactly what his move will entail.
Yes, very true. She should call and get a quote for her removal requirements but I'll certainly ask OH what we paid as it will be interesting to see what they were charging 3 years ago compared to now.
If they couldn't quote until after you had packed everything, you would have to pack weeks before the move.

If they are professional, they will easily be able to estimate the vehicle size needed just by being shown what has to go.
Agree with hpkirk and naiomi. Any professional company will be able to give you a quote based on coming round and seeing the size of your house and the amount of stuff you have. I would.just add if you can possibly afford it get them to pack too. It's a luxury but at a very stressful time it's lovely to only have to worry about the unpacking bit.
Ask around for some recommendations.

A good company can make a stressful time much easier. A cowboy outfit causes untold problems.
My initial thought is the same as Hopkirk's @ 8.38.
You pack everything, they quote a price for moving....but can't do it for 3 or 4 weeks. How do you manage without "stuff"?
When I moved from North Yorkshire Dales back down South again I used a local NY company and I didn't do any packing at all except for tea bags etc. They were wonderful and lifted chests of drawers an cabinets out and in again with contents in situ. Only a wardrobe was emptied and they lifted everything onto hanging rails in their van.
I moved in October. The removal furm came out to my house and assessed how much furniture I had, garage, shed etc and gave me a price on that. 2 Van's 3 men

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