Jar Lid Didn't Pop

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pastafreak | 15:18 Mon 06th Dec 2021 | How it Works
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I bought 2 jars of pumpkin seed butter from Amazon a few weeks ago. They were individually wrapped in bubble wrap. One was opened immediately...the second stored on a shelf.
When I took it down and unwrapped it, it was upside down and oil had leaked out. It also opened quite easily with no pop. Not that I've noticed an obvious pop before. Did the escaping oil loosen the lid? Ok to eat?


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It sounds as though the original seal didn't take. I don't think I would risk it.
in theory if it was upside down the oil ought to seal it okay, but ideally it should pop. Depending how long you kept it, it's probably okay.
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Oh great, slightly conflicting answers. I'd had it about 2 weeks before I opened it. That's how long it was upside my cupboard at least.
If the lid didn't pop, No.
If in doubt, chuck it out ; )
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Looks like I'm chucking it out :(
Take photo contact Amazon receive refund or replacement. Last year I received the wrong Bisto, told to keep and new one sent
Is it not more likely the failed seal allowed the oil to leak rather than the oil affected the seal?

Who knows how long the seal had been faulty prior to your receiving it?
I have to say that Amazon are brilliant at either refunding or replacing.
Does it smell OK?
Well I’d be no use there ladybirder - Ive got zero sense of smell lol.
Oh sorry smow.
There's probably some times when you're glad about that I guess;-))
Yes. Definitely lol x
Ermm - when I get a new jar of anything - my strength isn't good so I just release the air by sticking a knife in - and pop it goes - have been doing that for years.
I hold the jar with the lid under the hot water tap for about 30-40 seconds. Usually works.
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I bang it on the floor...gets rid of tension ;)
But this isn't about how to get the lid to pop. More that it didn't...or had already.
JJ, do you use the knife to make a hole in the lid or is it used to prise it off?
make hole
Does that not defeat the purpose of having a lid to keep the contents fresh for as long as possible?
didn't get back as I was in bed - contents remain fresh enough CBL as usually I can consume in about 3 weeks. Right enough I'm talking about tiny pickled onions.

When I don't think about it I don't buy many jars - beetroot and onions would be it.

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Jar Lid Didn't Pop

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