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djtdjt | 12:31 Tue 12th Oct 2021 | How it Works
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Due to health issues it looks like I will have to try this home shopping service that supermarkets offer. As I live in a second floor flat (there is a lift) is it true or false that they only deliver to the main front door, or do they come to your own door in the building. Also is it true or false you have to take bags or box to pick up from their container. I'm sure it differs between supermarkets, any views on best/worst service etc. Thanks.


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Waitrose ones brought them to our door (we're on the ground floor, but our own door is at the end of a hall). The goods came in plastic bags which we had to take from the container to the kitchen or wherever.

Waitrose deliveries are no longer free, though. I don't know about other shops' policies.
I have Tesco deliveries and the driver brings them up to my flat which is on the first floor. I have used them for the past year and had no problems at all. You can also pay up front for the deliveries which is cheaper.
They will bring it to your door - but Tesco and Sainsbury's no longer deliver in bags or at least they don't in NI as they are trying to reduce the eco footprint.
My Tesco deliveries are delivered to my kitchen, so I don't need bags at all.
My Tesco deliveries are brought in and unpacked by the driver onto my dining table.

I am ground floor but I know they do deliver to upper floors too.
With Tesco same as above I'm on the first floor also they do bring them to my door, there is a place when ordering for delivery instructions for eg: I post that they are Wheelchair ramps outside (For my downstairs neighbour) so it's easy to find.

Same here with liners for the basket/trays Tesco have stopped doing them (West Yorkshire) so I bring them in and unload at speed. £4.50 for delivery where I am... due tomorrow funny enough.
Morrisons deliver in plastic bags and take them back for recycling.
Charges for unlimited online deliveries Tues.Weds. Thurs. cost us £35 for the whole year. Telephone orders delivered next day but cost £2.50 a delivery. I don't know about delivering to flats though.
Good service so far.
"For deliveries to a residential apartment block, we will generally deliver to the front door of your apartment. However, we reserve the right to deliver only to the main entrance of the property if the driver believes it is unsafe or not practical to deliver to your apartment front door."

""Where the only access to your front door is by stairs, for example in an apartment block that does not have a lift, our driver will call you and arrange to meet you in a communal area on the ground floor for you to collect your goods.

If you live in a block of flats and there is an accessible lift in working order, our driver will take the goods to your front door. We always reserve the right to deliver only to the main entrance of the delivery address."

"We will always deliver to the front door of your house or flat. From Sunday 30th August 2020, your delivery will not be bagged. Safety is our highest priority and our colleagues will continue to follow social distancing guidelines and will not enter your home when they deliver your order but can assist you in transferring your order from the totes to your own bags or containers. Our drivers also have sanitiser which they will continue to use before and after each delivery. Please have bags or a suitable container ready for when your shopping arrives or during your collection slot. If you are shielding, we would ask that you leave bags outside your door so that the driver can transfer your shopping into your bags for you."

"If you live in a flat, our friendly Ocado drivers will attempt to deliver your order to your front door. However, there may be occasions where our driver is unable to deliver your shopping safely or efficiently. In this instance, your driver may call to ask if they can meet you outside your building instead"

"Morrisons does not specifically mention deliveries to blocks of flats under the terms and conditions. However, a spokeswoman said drivers will deliver to the floor of any flat, regardless of the level. However, there could be some circumstances when alternative arrangements are made, such as if a lift is not working or if there were safety concern"

Waitrose. (Quote from Mumsnet, as there seems to be nothing relevant on their website):
"Waitrose, tesco, sainsburys and asda all deliver to our second floor flat"
sainsburys deliver to my second floor flat front door.

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