Prizes From Usa - Customs, Vat?

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barry1010 | 15:52 Fri 24th Sep 2021 | How it Works
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I have won a series of prizes from a US company and each will be sent separately. The retail value of each is $30, $70, $100 and $180.
They are totally free to me, I am not even paying postage.
Will I be liable for any fees on delivery?


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i think it depends what they are
buenchico gives a good explanation i have seen several times on here - i'll go looking
Can you be more specific about what, exactly, these prizes are?
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Clothing, footwear and a fitbit type watch
It might depend on what is on the Customs declaration and if they are coming from a company. If they state you have not paid and these are a gift you might not have to pay. It might also depend on if they are delivered through the postal service or UPS etc.
looking at that link, if you substitute prizes for gifts, then yes, you qill have to pay fees (before delivery, not on delivery)
Interestingly, if prizes are classified as gifts the tax threshold is lower and would apply to most of these prizes
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Thanks all

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Prizes From Usa - Customs, Vat?

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