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wolf63 | 17:06 Thu 26th Aug 2021 | How it Works
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I know that it is said that Coca Cola can be used to clean toilets but does Pepsi work too?

And whilst I am here - I have some frozen mashed potatoes in the freezer and I want to put some in my salad. Do I have to heat it up then cool it or just let it defrost?

Thank you


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Pepsi is fine for toilets.

Frozen mash is usually heated up from frozen but I can't imagine it in a salad?
I would heat it and let it cool again, just to get it to mash properly.
Any cola cleans stuff it's the phosphoric acid. Vinegar is cheaper though
Bleach is cheap.
You'll need to heat up the frozen mash otherwise you'll have mush and not mash if you defrost it.
Steradent works too.
Why would you put mashed potato in a salad?
I can only think of one think I er put down a bog
Mashed potato salad with diced red onions, peppers, celery, olives, Mayo
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I like mashed potatoes in my salads.

I 'cooked' it in the microwave and then cooled it down and then I ate it with my salad.


I've never had mashed potato in a salad, but I love mashed potato and I'd definitely give it a go !
In Japan you can get mashed potato salad and mash sandwiches.
I’d bin the spuds. I think wolf63 means, mash with the salad. Yummy.

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