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maggiebee | 11:23 Sun 22nd Aug 2021 | How it Works
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1. It's NOT illegal to cross the channel

2. Refugees are neither migrants nor illegal or invaders

3. Under international law, ANYONE has the right to apply for asylum in ANY country that signed
the 1951 convention - and to remain there until the authorities have assessed their claim.

4. Last year, approx. 79.5 million refugees were forced to flee their homes. For its share, the UK
took 20,339 refugees, just 0.026% of the world's refugees.

No, I don't have a link; all you keyboard warriors are perfectly capable to finding these figures for yourselves.


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it certainly should be illegal to cross the channel. What are all these aircraft carriers for? The armed forces should be deployed there as soon as their triumphal return from Afghanistan is complete.
1. Knife crime was committed by 82.3% with a non-white background against a 13% population in England (not UK)

2. Acid Attacks were committed by 92% non-white

3. 100% of female genital mutilation committed by non-white

4. Most stats are made up on the spot.
What a wag you are, jno.
Dublin regulation Maggie.

\\Asylum shopping is the practice by asylum seekers of applying for asylum in several states or seeking to apply in a particular state after transiting other states.[1] The phrase is used mostly[dubious – discuss] in the context of the European Union and the Schengen Area, but has been used by the Federal Court of Canada.[2]

One of the objectives of Police and Judicial Co-operation in Criminal Matters is to prevent asylum shopping.[3] The Dublin Convention stipulates that asylum seekers are returned to the country where their entry into the union was first recorded and where they were first fingerprinted. Another objective of this policy is to prevent asylum seekers in orbit, i.e., to prevent the continual transfer of asylum seekers between countries trying to get others to accept them.[4][5]

To avoid abuses, European law, the Dublin Regulation, requires that asylum seekers have their asylum claim registered in the first country they arrive in,[//

Theres even a link so you don't have to look for it. :-)
Question Author
//triumphal return from Afghanistan// You can't be serious jno, they have left behind slaughter and mayhem - nothing triumphal about that IMO.
This is a bit heavy duty for Chatterbank...where many of us look for respite.
...either that, or we don't bother coming on at all.
'or we don't bother coming on at all'.

I'm very nearly at that stage Pasta! ;O)
Since this is CB, I'll keep it brief (a first for me!).

1. Correct

2. Correct

3. Correct - subject to Article 31 of the Convention to mention (no, I'm not going to provide a link for that - you can look it up for yourself).

4. I haven't checked the figures but whatever they are they are irrelevant to the point I believe you are making.

Unfortunately you have neither placed into context nor have you made any connection between your four points. I was going to do it for you but, as mentioned, this is CB.
best answer NJ
I applaud a case by case analysis
even tho it may be hard to work thro

(if you are an eight year old - that is!)
'or we don't bother coming on at all'.
I'm very nearly at that stage Pasta! ;O)

yeah but no but
you must read things - "I keep my mind blank so I dont read the Bible before I expatiate at length ( = yak endlessly) on it ( both testaments that is!)

and you think to yourself: "that is so stupid, I must say something"

You can't be serious jno

possibly not, possibly not
right oh!
16.21. PP. ??????? Eh?
I consider myself lucky to still have both testaments after that motorcycle accident.
//triumphal return from Afghanistan// You can't be serious jno, they have left behind slaughter and mayhem - nothing triumphal about that IMO.

I feel compelled to point out that the mayhem and slaughter is being carried out by the devotees of Islam.

Looks like Maggie has been on the Buckfast...again...
No. 2 doesn't seem to make much sense to me.

-- answer removed --
I wonder what's so attractive about this tiny island,it's certainly
not the weather.

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