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rampart | 17:50 Wed 07th Dec 2005 | How it Works
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We are debating something. I had the great fortune to be in a receiving line for Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, and I recall that nobody offered a hand to either of them, but we certainly accepted if either one of them extended a hand to us. Is that the proper thing? I just recall that we were not to poke a hand out for a handshake at this formal event.


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Why on earth would it be an honour to do this, they are no better than us, i hate syncophansy in any form ?
This might help
I once heard the Prince Charles' staff were not allowed to turn their backs on him so had to leave the room backwards!
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Druiaghtagh, I agree that they are no better than we are; nevertheless, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is a head of state and therefore it is an honour to my wife and me to be invited to an affair attended by her and the Duke of Edinburgh. They spoke to mrs rampart and me and were quite friendly, as were their staff.

Thank you kindly, gary baldy. The site confirms what I thought.

druiaghtagh - (if you are British) may I suggest that you leave the country and relinquish your nationality if you are not happy to be the subject of Her Majesty.
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Well, my personal view, is that if you don't like the rules and regulations of this country then b*gger off somewhere else.

rampart asked a question and druiaghtagh made no attempt at an answer - just scoffed and used big words to try and impress but failed to spell correctly.

He/she took the p*ss out of the questioner, and hence I took the same out of them.

And I do believe that if you don't feel it an honour to meet the reigning monarch then go and live somewhere else - personal opinion of course.

Well rampart I think that they are no better than us too. But they have been born into that situation and not by choice. It's funny how everyone fawn over celebrities with little or no talent. I just think it's important that we hold onto some tradtitions that link us to the past of our once great country. It's the behaviour of some of the yonger royals that should brought to task. The queen mother and the Queen (I think) tried and try to follow with tradition - as much as you can now. What gets my goat is folk like David Jason etc being honoured for playing themselves on TV...I'd rather give the award to my binmen - salt of the earth. I wonder how many that slag of off the royals were supportive of George Best's State Funeral. Now that was taking the pi$$!
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Well I don't live in the UK now, but that's not because I didn't like the rules and regulations, (although if I did want to came back I would probably get a fake dark tan and become a poor asylum seeker as they seem to get better treatment than anybody else anyway.) but wherever you live there will be a head of state of some kind and in all countries you would be expected to treat them with respect, in the UK, lack of respect in this case might get you a bad look from somebody but in many places around the world it would get you dead or at least never seen again!

Zeb, going off to live in another country just for the sake of it is not a good idea, I have seen so many people come, stay for some time and then go back to their home country with all the loss of money etc...involved because they could not adapt because they had no real reason (ie no passion) to do so.

If you are interested I could give you my observations on how to spot those who wont make it long term and who will go back home again.

Here's another chip toobalance the one you've got already druiaghtagh.
You see Zeb it money's not the issue, if this country is so bad why do you need it to make money so you can leave, surely all the other "better" countries would offer you chances to get rich. You see Zeb if you're a plonker here you'll be a plonker anywhere. As qapmoc points out, people with that attitude who do leave invariably end up coming back. Look at the Aussie exodus for a tenner in the fifties, most of them came back when they found out that the grass was not greener.

Just a dare here but why not try one of those comedy buzzers on her go on

In fact i double dare you!!!!!!!

I spent over 20 years as a British soldier, I saw action in Northern Ireland, 1st Gulf war, Bosnia and Afghanistan.

I lost a few dear friends and I've been wounded twice, I wear my campaign medals with pride on Remembrence day, what did the prince of Wales do to earn his medals? Why do we have to give respect to people who are only in a position of power due to an accident of birth?

Also, in other countries they have the good fortune to elect their head of state, unfortunately we British are stuck with the worlds most dysfunctional family in history.

Love the respect - I promise to serve Queen & Country (even if she is head of a dysfunctional family!)

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Sorry that this is now ''off post'' :
Well then Zeb for what its worth I will give you my own ideas on who doesn't make it in a new country, this might be specific to where I am, but anyway you might find it of a small interest.
One comment first, here the official language is English but the common language is French/Creole and most of the foreigners who come to live are usually partner/married to a local who they met abroad and then decided to come, so they do have in fact have a contact with the place anyway and they have their partners family here.
The ones who don't stay often fit this list -

1. They come with a definate idea of what they are going to do or what job they are going to ''accept''.
2. They insist to send their children to a English speaking school not a mixed language local school.
3. They complain about can't find pickled onions or pork pies or Walls sausages or whatever it is.
4. They try to make their house look English not local.

If you do make it abroad somewhere keep my list in mind, it might help you one day.

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Whatever your views on monarchy versus any other sort of arrangement, the Queen I believe has genuinely decided to do her 'duty' and has tried her best. I am sure she would much rather be sitting watching TV like most ladies of her age rather than charging about in uncomfortable shoes and opening things, and for her there is no 'retirement'.
when I was serving in the army I had the the pleasure of meeting the Queen mum we were told that if she speeks to us then we initialy call her your majesty then after that its maam, you do not offer your hand or touch any member of the royal family hence the great out cry when the queen viseted Australia and the Prime minister put his arm around the Queen and although this was laughed off when on question of sport Emlyn Hughes put an arm around prinsess Anne, wether they are good for the country I dont know but I hope this helps you

good grief.

DragTag you miserly, stupid wretch with an impoverished soul. Why does a little shltter like you have to rain on rampart's parade.

if you're so ground up with your existence in a country whose tradition you hate, end it. one way or another. or maybe you could go around telling little kids that santa doesn't exist or that he's a paedophile. if it helps your pitiful little existence to pour vitriol on the things other people hold dear then BLOODY GOOD LUCK TO YOU. You vacuous defiler. Start your own website to oust the monarchy. Wear a lycra catsuit to a black tie dinner. Eat peas off your knife. Smash gravestones with your ossified excrement! Use your own operating system to run your computer!!! Yeah man! smash the system! You've clearly got the intellect and resourcefulness to do it! WooHoo! REBEL! Let's freak out some squares man!

N.B. I would have written a lengthy treatise about how wonderful your views are, but I heard somewhere that you "hate syncophansy (sic) in any form"


someone who can find better things to be concerned about than ritualised respect protocol for harmless figureheads, and more acceptable ways to express it than berating innocent question-posters.

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