Shaking the Queen's Hand

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rampart | 17:50 Wed 07th Dec 2005 | How it Works
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We are debating something. I had the great fortune to be in a receiving line for Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, and I recall that nobody offered a hand to either of them, but we certainly accepted if either one of them extended a hand to us. Is that the proper thing? I just recall that we were not to poke a hand out for a handshake at this formal event.


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My word! It was such a simple question!

why should "druiaghtagh" leave the country just because he doesn't believe in something that has been forced upon him ie; the monarchy, if everyone in history had done this, we would still be in the dark ages, slavery, child labour , votes for women etc.

the royals lead a charmed life, mainly funded by us, i say the sooner they go the better !!!


get with the programme!

DragTag shouldn't leave the country for opposing the monarchy!

There are far more pertinent and acute reasons that (s)he should leave the country...

The most germaine of those being his/her ill treatment of ramparts thread.

my disinterest in the interests of the monarchy are as uninteresting as the vested gobbets of the blessed rest, but take it outside! ramparts back garden is no place for such jousting.

apologies - "rampart's"

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Shaking the Queen's Hand

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