How Do I Cuddle?

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JimmyPage | 04:20 Sat 06th Mar 2021 | How it Works
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My girlfriend wants to cuddle with me next we hang out. but I've never done it before how do I do it for my first time.


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Well, given your user name, I suggest that you chew on a piece of her custard pie. Alternatively, you might want to follow Sharleen's advice here:

Show her a whole lotta love
Have you never cuddled your mum? It's the same thing with the girlfriend.
not allowed yet is it?
Put your arms around her gently and just hold her, you'll get the hang of it.
Good point, Ael. I forgot about that. :-)
Keep your mask on
This the same girlfriend who is losing interest in you?
Girlfriend? cuddling? Never heard such nonsense, its sex or nothing.
Keep any "cuddling" till the sex has worn thin.
you're an incurable romantic sqad :-)

That's my problem ael I am far too sentimental.
Kissing and a cuddling in the back seat of the movies :D That part of teen heaven obviously passed you by, Sqad
Try it In The Evening, Jimmy.
living lovin she´s just a woman!
barry.......cuddling has nothing to do with sex...that is from a womans point of view and if a woman specifically mentioned "Just cuddling " it would mean that sex was not on the menu .
Now unspecified cuddling, that would be a different ballgame,although even that would unsettle me and ring warning bells.
it is nice to see AB back to something serious after all that stupid immunology stuff
Gosh, Sqad, not everyone is like you. My OH loves cuddles, I don't.
I'm a big cuddler too, ummm
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Thanks for all the post I will try those tips out

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How Do I Cuddle?

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