Making Peaceful Light Wall Panels With Mdf

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ukanonymous | 16:45 Fri 05th Feb 2021 | How it Works
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Hey peepsies so I want to make something similar to this

So ours will be much bigger. Also what I was thinking of doing is sticking some like plastic PVC inside to stop dust and dirt accumulating in there as I have asthma so dust is no good hehe.

But what I am stuck with is how do I stick the pvc plastic thingymabob onto the MDF?

I think I have planned most of it in my head I think its going to look totally rad.

Also how do I cut out shapes int he MDF to make it look cushty?

So to make a summary:

1. How to attach platic pvc to glue
2. How to cut out shapes in mdf and if a jig saw to I use a special blade to get it real nice an smooth?

I boughrt some really amazing LED lights from amazon which was not too expensive but the really cool thing is they flash to the music they are just amaziong


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It looks to me as though the star shaped apertures where stamped out of the MDF and then in-filled with glass/translucent plastic. Unless you have the required cutting shapes and a powerful press, you will have to use another production technique.

I would practice with a coping saw on MDF to see if you can produce pleasant shapes through which the light will shine. There are many types of adhesive that should glue wood and plastic together – especially as it is only to hold them in place.
B&Q do a product called DC FIX (Some people call it Fablon) and it is aelf-adhesive.
Los of styles to choose from. You buy it by the roll and cut it with a pair of scissors.;Decorating_dcfixstickybackplastic_L5
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Thanks stephan but I'm in France I will see if I can find similar

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Making Peaceful Light Wall Panels With Mdf

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