Are Things Today More Fair?

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ukanonymous | 19:21 Sun 17th Jan 2021 | How it Works
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Let's think 5o a long time ago when you have a person in Castle and than the rest of them fight among themselves in a free market. We are lead to beleive that things are more faired we Re no longer 'surfs'. Well is this actually true? The castles are now large gated fenced off big houses surrounded by monitored land. Westmill dont get a say in anything. Sure we can vote but let's not just forget that vote will only be between 2 parties they may or may not agree with. Any other vote would be a waste.

But my main question is... forget about technology etc with hospitals ( I'm sure they had a version back then) ... has anything got any fairer? Or


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Organise with who? Everyone else is obliviously happy about everything and think they are lucky to live today hehe. I am considering buying a puppy though. MAYBE training him to poop on large expensive lawns.
How revolutionary of you.
I'm certainly glad I was born when I was.

I don't begrudge rich people, especially rich people who started with very little, but in this day and age poorer people are better off than previously. We have housing laws, employment laws, equality laws....we have protection from nasty people who try and exploit. It's not perfect but it's better than it was.
You’re probably too young to remember Trade Unions. Back in the 60s, 70s, 80s, we stood together and sometimes won.

The pendulum swings. Now the wind is against us; it will change.

Your position of despair is precisely what ‘the elite’ want.

(Oh, and it’s ***, not the babytalk poop).
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“ its why I like coding so much. It's to the point d100% accurate”

Ha ha
That was never my experience ;-)
I'm not sure what you mean by 'fairer'. Those who have big houses have probably worked to earn them. Do you want them to give the fruits of their labour to you?
All the things you say you have done you would not have been able to have done 'a long time ago' (whenever that was).

With a mother as a nurse ( 17th century equivalent probably housekeeper) and father car mechanic ( Groom) you would have done what your father did, so opportunities are there for the taking now.

You said you went to Private school, but your parents were not rich - then, with Boarding fees currently around £30,000 a year, you must have been awarded a bursary, though normally bursaries do not include boarding fees just the education part. This would not have been available 100 years ago.

Although their still exists inequalities on the whole everything is much fairer now, even in the last 100 years - I can't even imagine why you would think it is'nt
for elite think Bill Gates, Steve Jobes, R. Branson & Beatles, Elton John, Rod Stewart etc etc, all self made & uni dropouts. Write one hit song ie Hallelulia & youre among the elite.
@ Ukanonymous // Some of the peoplei went to schoolwith are the 'elite' and its part of the reason why I dont trust politicians. If you ever lived inclosequarters to them and gotta know them then you would surely agree.//

Completely get where u r coming from. The nature of my work means that i have had the “priveledge”. Of working for ... and indeed living on the same property as, the “elite”.

By elite we do not mean merely those who are extremely wealthy.... no it is the very old generational wealth .... and more importantly the “contacts” these people have.

U.K. anonymous wld have some inkling if he hadve gone to any of the traditional Uber historical boarding schools... the ilk of which are favoured by the old elite families.

No I don’t believe in blue lizard people but I do believe that the people with real power are not the voters ... in any country.

I don’t get worried about it - I cannot change it - but I’ve been around (albeit from the sidelines as a silent member of staff) to gain quite a different opinion to that which I had before I had access to a little of what I’ve seen.

It’s not the money - lots of people are Rich ... it’s the contacts and power. It’s hard to explain
I think you've explained it perfectly, eve. I too have had quite a lot of dealings with the.....'privileged' shall we call them and there is an unmentioned 'club' whose networking skills are centuries old.
Having said the above, I must say that 'things' today are much fairer than in feudal times (which I think is what ukan'us) is referring to. I'm not scrabbling about in pig-muck whilst my Lord sits in French tapestried halls with great roaring fires. Also, I've made it waaaaaay beyond the life expectancy of those days.
We have indoor toilets and hlt running water and better educational and health systems.
In spite of oodles of lolly being thrown in, education has still failed to give everybody total equality of opportunity.
Also, that mantra coming from the better off, '' They worked hard for it, '' doesn't wash anymore.
Plenty of people work, '' hard,'' but often live lives of penury.
There is more that can be done with taxes and allowances to redress the balance.
Oh yes, the politics of envy I hear some say, but I would retort No! The politics of morality and fairness.
Hungry children means ....... children going hungry.
‘ Hungry children means ....... children going hungry’

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eve thank you for your reply I really connect with you there. Unfortunately I cant help myself getting distressed about it especially becasue we are now trying for kids.
If your worried about your kids starving you could try becoming a wage slave again and/or sell your bitcoins. You might even be able to afford boarding school if bitcoin keeps growing
More fair = less bad?
Yes things in the UK are 'less bad' than "a long time ago''; that did not occur spontaneously and was mainly hard fought for and grudgingly conceded; other geographical locations might disagree on the 'more fair' question.
We live in a system of controlled consent / conformity.
The human condition ( and our own biology) has long been used against us and is itself why 'fairness' is a subjective notion.
Allen, //(Oh, and it’s ***, not the babytalk poop). //

That isn't the correct term nor is your terminology acceptable in polite society - the reason it's starred out here.

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