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bobbie22 | 01:01 Tue 12th Jan 2021 | How it Works
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I have a humax recorder, I like to record American programmes like murder she wrote, SVU. And NCIS. Sometimes the recording ends just before the end. This not seem to happen with British recordings. Anyone help or advise please? I have noticed that when the recordings begin when I am watching something else, sometimes the previous programme over runs slightly which cuts off the recording time of my programme


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Can you not manually set it for 5 mins before start of your program and 5 mins after end?
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Tony I just click on the programme in the menu. It works ok for British programmes
Sorry I don't know, hopefully someone more knowledgable than me will be along later.
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I haven’t got much knowledge either. I can just about manage to turn the thing off and on. My son keeps telling me to watch dvds. But I am so worried I will mess up what I have I never do it.
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Thanks anyway. Will look in again later on today.
It's quite easy to lengthen the 'padding time' to add on time before and after the recording. Don't be afraid of it. Get your brochure thingy and sit quietly, and you will be able to do it. I've recently replaced my Humax after about 3 years with another one - model FVP-50000T and it's been absolutely brilliant. I always had to have padding time on my old one. If I can do it (I'm 80!) so can you.

Menu button > setting > preferences > recording

then change the buffers - set to 2 minutes by default
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Thanks for your replies. Everyone. I read the info. It sounds feasible. Will have a look and a go. Another programme got cut off before the end again today !!! And hellywelly I am almost the same age as you. Lol

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