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barry1010 | 08:34 Sat 05th Dec 2020 | How it Works
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My relative needs to prove her ID and has none of the following acceptable forms of ID:
2. Proof of your identity

You’ll need to show one of the following

Valid full or provisional driving licence (both UK and international)
Valid UK or international passport
Blue disabled driver pass (showing serial number)
Benefits entitlements letter or book
Child tax credit or working tax credit letter
Immigration status documents or UK residence permit
Student ID card
UK citizen card
UK armed forces card
Firearms certificate

How long does it take to get a provisional driving licence? She has no intention of driving but can see no other way - a passport is too expensive.


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I think firstly she’ll need a passport photo, so a trip to a place with a photo booth. I think a self taken photo with a smartphone is acceptable also. These might have to be authorised by someone as a true likeness
Wouldn't she need i.d. to get a driving licence?
But I see on checking you need a passport to apply for a DL.
malagabob - read further down the page; birth certificates, P45, P60 etc are all permitted.
This site issues a Citizen card

I had a look at the The Proof of Age Standards Scheme (PASS) and Citizencard is one of the ones participating in the scheme.

If in doubt, contact the website asking for the ID to confirm they will accept Citizencard ID

Once you have the proof required by Citizencard and it's verified, it says the application can be processed within one to two working days for £30 (less than the Provisional licence) or £15 for twenty-one working days.
I have the same problem but can use a recent pension letter (or even heating allowance letter), and then utility bills and/or council tax letter. This doesn’t help if she is not retired but bhg481 gives other alternatives.
I must say I do find the list very limiting. I can see in a few years' time when I give up driving and travelling abroad I will have none if the listed ID available. Can you tell us what the ID is needed for, please barry?
When faced with this they accepted my partners out of date driving licence and some utility bills
A trade union membership card used to be one acceptable form of I.D.
Question Author
No out of date passport, no utility bills in her name and no benefits of any kind.
It seems that a provisional licence is the way to go - we just need to know how long the application takes to process
Did you look at my link?
Just depends on how busy they are, sooner you post form the better
If she's in receipt of a pension, I think proof of that will suffice.
Details here, you could give them a call and ask
Question Author
She is not in receipt of a pension.
Corby, we are going to tackle the citizen card, we just need to find somebody who is a suitable referee and get the photos.
She can't use a professional referee who doesn't know her because she doesn't have the necessary proof of ID. You really couldn't make it up
A local shopkeeper will do, I used my local fish and chip shop owner.
does she have a doctor, barry
Just shows you how convenient it is to have a national ID card, as is done in most countries. I just don't understand why the UK is so against it.
Her doctor could be her referee,

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