What's App Installing Query?

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cleoval | 17:37 Sun 01st Nov 2020 | How it Works
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Hi I have a Smart Phone Android Phone and I am not Tech Minded but I have managed to install the App and the symbol is on my Homepage.How do I add my Friends Contact mobile number? I think I have done it but when I click on the WA Logs it keeps telling me to add a friend to my Contacts.Can anyone explain me how to do it is Simple Terms please.? TIA.


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Yes, that's correct. WhatsApp needs to locate new contacts from your phone's Contacts. So, pick up your phone, say "Hi Bixby", then "New contact" and Bixby will take you through it.
And your friend needs to be on WhatsApp too, obviously!
Open whatsApp and on the bottom right there will be a green button with a file symbol on. Click on this and all the contacts on your phone who are on WhatsApp will appear. Click on the one you want to send a message to. The list will appear automatically after that no need to click the green button everytime.
If they are not on wats app you have to invite them I think
gettingonabit, that is the simplest answer, that's what I would have said. all the contacts are in there that are on WA
In addition to your contacts needing to be on WhatsApp, you also need to give permission for the app to access your contacts.
Simple minds can only do simple ha ha
Thanks all for your help. i managed to do it.

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What's App Installing Query?

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