Moving To Another Area & Bidding On Council Housing Website Query?

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cleoval | 11:17 Thu 29th Oct 2020 | How it Works
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Hi I wish to move to Devon next year.I currently live in a Housing Association property in Yorkshire.How do I look for HA properties in Devon.? In particular what order do I do it? Do I bid for a property first on the Devon Council website on my laptop and then tell my current HA I intend to leave or tell my Current HA first I intend to leave and then look for properties.?I am 63 & my husband 65 and on ESA benefit.Would we have to apply for Housing Benefit again when we move into the Devon property or when we find a property on the Housing Website? Hope you can help.TIA.


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Unless you have to move to Devon because of family ties in the area or work you are highly unlikely to be successful however you do it. HA and council properties are in short supply and there is a huge demand from locals.
I agree. the best way to move would be to look for an internal swap (someone who wants to move to Yorkshire). Is you HA nation wide or just in your area?
It tends to be helpful if you have a large property and want to move to a smaller one.
my M-I-L wanted to move to be near us. She had to find and arrange a 4 way swap within her HA. the distance would be a negative point here - it's not easy for people to come to you to see if a swap would be suitable
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Hi my HA has properties in the area I want to move and also I do not want a swap.Also there r other HA in the area in Devon I want to move.Thanks.We want to live in the properties they have for over 55 years old.
As you're in receipt of Housing Benefit (HB) and moving to a new Council Area, you will be asked to claim Universal Credit (UC) after you move.

Housing Benefit and income-related ESA are two of the benefits being replaced by UC. There is a scheduled roll-out of UC and folk are being transferred to it but a move to a new Council area triggers an earlier transfer.

It would be an idea to 'phone DWP to let them know your plans and ask what the process will be for claiming UC.

Mind and let BOTH DWP and your HB Section know when you do move.

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Moving To Another Area & Bidding On Council Housing Website Query?

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