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Hopkirk | 13:13 Sat 24th Oct 2020 | How it Works
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On the NHS test and trace app, what does the venue check in feature actually do?


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A think it picks up and records are phone numbers in case the need to trace us
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Does it tell a central computer that I was there, or just record on my phone that I visited?

I don't think it gives them a phone number, as it is supposed to be anonymous.
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On Woifgangs link it seems it records in my phone that I am there until midnight, unless I check in somewhere else.
The app doesn't give them your phone number - read my link.
I had no choice and had to go out a few days ago. As I didn't have the app I had to give my name, house number, post code and phone number to the venue. I now have the app
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After wading through Giz's link I can see that it is just keeping a personal record of where I have been.

It's a bit of a blunt tool. I have checked in at motorway service stations in the past. It will then have shown me there for hours until midnight, and then tell me if anyone else who visits during those hours reports getting Covid.

It really could do with a checkout feature.
Thanks Gizmoster, so its the other way round,the venue details go on your phone/app. A never knew. U live & learn
I'm under the impression it connects via bluetooth, so if anyone comes into the venue and who has a positive contact after you have left, the app doesn't make a connection with their bluetooth so you're not contacted. Is that right folks?
I mean you or the other person are not in the venue at the same time!
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The Bluetooth is for people who are actually near to you, while the venue check in simply reports on people who visited while you are registered as there. You have probably left though.

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Venue Check In (Nhs App)

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