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tenrec | 12:59 Tue 22nd Sep 2020 | How it Works
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Please can you tell me how to remove the remains of glue from sticky back velcro? It is on a door that has a wood effect coating/laminate. I pulled one piece of velcro off and unfortunately it pulled a small bit of the coating off with it, but left some of the glue still attached to the door. Many thanks in advance.


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I would expect isopropyl alcohol to work very well - depending on the type of adhesive (and given that it has dried up quite a lot with age) you may to work at it. But IA works on pretty much all adhesives used with stick-on stuff/items. It is a bit tricky to get hold of in shops but you can get it on eBay. It has a multitude of uses.
Do not use acetone, it is a powerful solvent that will go for all paints, plastic coatings, etc. - unless that does not matter.
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Dannyk13 & Karl, thank you for the speedy replies. I will be patient and have a go.
I use white spirit to remove glue left behind by labels etc.
Tar and glue remover, does exactly what it says on the tin.
Sticky Stuff Remover, from the orange bucketeers (B&Q) - £4.27 for a 250ml bottle.

Put some on a clean cloth and rub it on the affected area. Leave it to work in for a couple of minutes and then re-run. Give it a couple of minutes more and it should scrape off if it doesn't rub off with the pass of the cloth.
Lighter fluid - but don't know how it would affect the wood.

It certainly removes the glue - used to use it at work before H&S got tougher! Didn't damage a formica-type table.

(Used to use Scotch Clean Art - started usin lighter fluid when could no longer get it)
I think Karl means Methylated Spirits. They don't call it that any more. It has a fancy name now. Acetone is something I used for many years in one job I had. We used to wash our hands in it. Tis true. Cold stuff but it does the job!

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Removing Glue

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