Taking Outdoor Plug Socket Off The Side Of A Wooden Pond.

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Tilly2 | 17:19 Mon 29th Jun 2020 | How it Works
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...and putting it on a new wooden pond.

We are having a new Norlog 100 gallon fish pond to replace the smaller 50 gallon one we have which has seen better days.

The current pond has an electrician fitted waterproof grey plastic box on the side, which we plug the pond pump into. We want to transfer this to the side of the new pond. Is it just a case of switching off the pump and unscrewing the grey box thing? Do we need to be careful of anything?


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It is not a a new installation. So it is a fitting job and anyone who is 'capable,'should not find it the least bit difficult to complete. An electrician will not want such a small job. It is a job for a capable handyman. At best there will be 4 screws on the faceplate and possibly another four in the back of the box. At work at the moment .. have just been watching...
10:41 Wed 01st Jul 2020
You should disconnect the socket from the mains, before you do anything at all with it. Then open the socket and remove the fixing screws to enable you to remove the whole socket. Put it well out of the way of the new pond. When the new pond is in place, then screw the socket on to its side, close the cover, and switch it on at the mains.
>>> Do we need to be careful of anything?

Turning the power off first is usually a god idea ;-)

It's not clear to me how you intend to move the socket box. Can you simply re-route the existing cabling to it or do you ned to disconnect the box from it's current position in order to fit in a bit of extension cabling from the old location to the new one?
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The new pond will be in the same position as the old pond. So all we need to do is take the socket thing off and put it on the new pond. No wiring needs to needs changed.

I didn't mention turning it off at the mains as even I know that's obvious.
Just take it off and put it on again then. No problem.
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Well, if it's that easy...

Thank you both.
Your need to ask suggests you should not attempt it yourself.
Providing power to that circuit is of, and it's just an undo and refit with no modifications, then you should be able to do it yourself.
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So, if I turn off the socket in the garage, it will be safe to take off the outdoor socket on the pond? I don't need to turn off the electricity in the consumer unit? Is that correct?

The reason I'm asking about this is because I will have to take off the plate that the plug goes into and the plate behind it which is screwed onto the current pond.

I know it seems like an inane question but I'm not happy messing about with plug sockets. I have looked at YouTube videos about how to fix them but there don't seem to be any videos of how to move them from one place to another without messing about with the electrics.
Just ensure there is no electricity supplied to the socket before playing with it.
This could be done by licking your fingers and touching the electric bits, or, removing a fuse, or isolating a circuit breaker.
Then reposition every thing as it was before.
Happy days Tilly.
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This could be done by licking your fingers and touching the electric bits,

That's a joke, I assume?

I think I need to advertise for a handyman...
Well, there is safer ways to test for electric current Tilly.
I repeat. You are asking questions that clearly show you should not get involved with this. Your questions have become increasingly disturbing. Particularly 09:30 Wednesday.
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Thought so, Ozzy.
Thanks for trying to help.
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Beso, don't worry. I shall find someone who knows what they're doing.

I just thought I'd ask on here as it might have been very simple but, for an impractical person with very little experience in handling electrics, it obviously isn't.

Thanks for your concern. x
Just don't ask me about making Bird Boxes Tilly, you have done my head in more than once ;-)
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You're too kind. Just ignore me.

Did I tell you that I now have a Black and Decker workmate?
I don't think a handyman would touch it
Question Author
Why do you think that, Bednobs?
because a non qualified person would get into trouble for fiddling with electrics
Question Author
So, you think I need an electrician?

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Taking Outdoor Plug Socket Off The Side Of A Wooden Pond.

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