Weird Problem With Beard Trimmer

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tali1 | 20:36 Wed 17th Jun 2020 | How it Works
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I have wahl beard trimmer, which is several years old.Here's the thing- "it works" .....BUT soon as i put any of the 2 heads on stops working..
I gave it a clean out -but there wasn't much dirt anyway.
I have pressed the heads firmly into place- but nothing .The heads look fine and there is no damage and they have been cleaned but as soon as i take them off the rotor is spinning with power.This has been going on for some time , it is not a one -off.


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Is it mains-operated or rechargeable?
If mains, I have no idea. If rechargeable, I'd guess the batteries aren't holding enough power to work it "under load" (ie when the heads are attached) but they have enough power to work the motor when not under load (ie no heads attached). Just an idea.
After cleaning did you give the cutting blades a few small drops of light oil.
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Its rechargeable - but same problem whether plugged in or not.Oil on head did not work. Wahl are not taking any enquiries on old orders

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Weird Problem With Beard Trimmer

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