Poundland Online Website Query?

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cleoval | 20:57 Sat 16th May 2020 | How it Works
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Hi I read on fb that Pound land has online shopping.Does anybody know if it is as I cannot get it to work. Thanks.


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Poundland has never offered online shopping (presumably because the carriage charges on most of their items would exceed the prices of those items anyway).

I can find nothing on their website (either when starting from the home page or when going directly to their FAQs page) to suggest that anything has changed.

I had at KJN's link and Poundshop seems to have packs containing sachets of only one flavour. I need Tuna. :-)

I haven't seen it in Tesco for a long time.
Sachets of what, Susan? (I'm guessing that it's cat food but of any particular brand?)
Whiska Tuna.

He also likes Felix Tuna.

The boxes always have flavours that he refuses to eat. I remind his that his feral mum had to catch her food but he just ignores me.
Individual packs are showing as being in stock in Asda:

with packs of 3 showing as available in Morrisons:

Just single packs in Tesco:

B&M, which I like for cat food, has the Hi Life alternative in single pouches:

Pets at Home will do you a mixed pack of Tuna Flakes and Tuna & Mackerel, from the Hi Life range, for £16.99 for 32 pouches:
or 8 pouches of Tuna Terrine for £4.99, also from Hi Life:
(They've got plenty of other tuna stuff as well - but at very expensive prices!)

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Poundland Online Website Query?

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