My Lifeboat Is Sinking.

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squelly | 17:33 Sat 14th Dec 2019 | How it Works
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I have a RNLI fridge magnet .A clear round plastic circle ,with 2 liquids inside.The lifeboat floats on the bottom liquid.But this liquid seems to be disappearing.There is a small hole in the side that could be used to fill . But i do not know what the liquids are.The bottom one looks to be an oil ,the top one water .HELP but do not call the coastguards.


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For £2.50 I’d buy another!
Oil floats on water so likely coloured water at the botton / clear oil on top.
From which planet does that orange alien sitting in the boat, come from ?
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Thanks for the info of where to find a new one.But i put my question on HOW IT WORKS,to find out how it works.Two liquids ,that do not mix .A boat floats on one ,but sinks in the other.The top one feels like water,The bottom one as a feel like oil.
Perhaps the boat is appearing to be lower in the casing of the magnet because the coloured water is either slowly evaporating or leaking out.
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Yes this is happening.Just wanted to know what the liquids were.
I go along with what davebro said at 1641 yesterday.
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So a boat will sink in oil.But float in water.

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My Lifeboat Is Sinking.

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