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Deskdiary | 18:10 Fri 12th Jul 2019 | How it Works
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When I did my self-assessment last year I owed the Revenue money (natch), which I paid them, but even though I paid them they amended my tax code and have been collecting the under-payment monthly. I was quite happy with this as I will owe them for the current tax year as well, so I thought I'd let them carrying on collecting the underpayment through the tax code as this will reduce how much I have to pay the next year.

I've just checked my balance and they've credited my account with the amount I paid them.

My question is, can I pay it back to them so that whatever I owe next year is lessened? I've asked them but it likes talking to robots!


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Simply make a payment online using your debit card:
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Buenchico - thanks, but that's exactly what I did, but they've paid it back!
Why not just save it up to pay next year's demand?
Their methods may seem odd at times but it all comes out in the wash. I 'd just keep your money, putting to one side if necessary but i get the impression it is not much, and let them take it through your code.
I agree with fiction-factory, it will come out in the wash. However at section 12 of the Self Assessment form there are 2 boxes, 12.8 and 12.9. These boxes ask if you want any underpayment from either the past and the current tax year collected via through wages or pension. If you filled in the paper return, the full explanation is on the back page of the Help document that accompanied the Self Assessment form.

An on-line explanation can be found here

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Paying Back Hmrc

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