Tips For Splash Free Roller Paint A Ceiling

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havelo | 12:32 Thu 20th Jun 2019 | How it Works
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Does anybody have some good tips for roller painting a ceiling without too much splashing.
Which type of roller is best and which white emulsion is best suitable.
Thank you !


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Don't put loads of paint on the roller then it won't splash. Also, slow and smooth, if you roll fast it will splash. Type of roller is moot. The bigger the better because more surface area.
Dulux do a 'less mess' emulsion, its in a flat tray and you roll it straight from that, i always use it on my ceilings, there is very little spatter.
I dont care how good you are at painting .. use a dustsheet.
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Thank you all for your help !!

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Tips For Splash Free Roller Paint A Ceiling

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