How Do I Write A Message To A Youtube Account?

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FolViderox | 22:34 Mon 17th Jun 2019 | How it Works
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I have searched for multiple ways to do it but they are hard to understand. They usually tell me to click on tabs that i can,t find. Others tell me to find options that are removed. I know that you can write a message to a youtube freind but the ways i found to do that is hard to understand. I want you to tell me the easiest way to write a message to a Youtube account.


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By default the option to post comments on a Youtube video is enabled (unless the video depicts children or is part of a child's account, as it's now Google's policy to disable comments on such videos). However the person posting the video can also block comments.

Assuming though that neither Google nor the person posting the video have disabled comments, you can send a message to who posted a video simply by clicking where it says 'Post a public comment'. (NB: You must be signed in to your Youtube account). That will open a field where you can type your message.
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That,s not how you do it. That,s how you reply to a comment and couldn,t tell that account the message. I want you to answer how to send a message to youtube account.
This might help.
You have the option to "Add a public comment" and that adds a comment to the thread. If you click on a comment you are given the same option but that adds it to that reply only.
I don't think you can contact the posters directly unless they choose to add something like a blog link or an email address....imagine the spam you would get if you published your details on youtube!
If you have a YouTube account(if you don't you will need to create one)
next to your account avatar or name you will see a row of symbols. There is a camera with a + sign in it to create videos. There is a 9 dot matrix square that drops down a You Tube apps menu. Then you will see a swoosh arrow, that if you hover your cursor over it, says "Messages". Left click it. You now have a menu box that is headed Friends. and says inside the main box "introducing a new way to share. Left click on that text. Now you will have a message that reads "You can now share videos and chat about them with friends on YouTube!
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The video doesn,t tell me how to message a youtube account if it doesn,t have a video on youtube home. The You can share videos and chat about them whit freinds on youtube! option has a part where you maybe can write links but has a link i can,t remove and i can write nothing there. Other then that i can,t write a message to anyone there if they aren,t a youtube freind. I want you to answer easiest way to add freinds on youtube as well becuase that could be how you write a message to a youtube account. I want to write messages to youtube accounts that have commented on videos. If you reply to a comment does that message or email the account that commented the reply? It used to but it couldn,t do it now.
If you "click" on the You Tube user in comments it should take you to their channel. In the home page of their channel you should be able to see "About". Click on "About" and then the "send message" box should appear. I have a feeling that this send message box only appears on a desktop.
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Screw the How do i write a message to a Youtube account question. If you comment on a Youtube accounts disscussion or reply to a comment or comment on one Youtube accounts videos. Does that message them on Youtube or email them that.
If you comment on a Youtube video then, by default, the person who posted that video will receive a notification about your comment. However it is possible for the user to disable such notifications if they'd rather not be bombarded by them:

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How Do I Write A Message To A Youtube Account?

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