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bainbrig | 13:56 Sat 25th May 2019 | How it Works
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Watching a bloke in a sort of segway wheelchair on RHS Chelsea on TV.

How do those things not fall over? And for that matter how do segways stay upright? What’s the science?



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it moves the wheel under you fast enough to catch up with you falling. Very similar to how you actually walk, eg you lean forward and put your foot out to stop you falling, the segway does the same by accelerating under you to stabilise.
Haven't seen the segway wheelchair but visited the millenium dome back in the day and all the staff moved around on these (with handles). My grandson has one but he just balances on it. Haven't dared to try it out.
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Maggie. There’s a rake of them here...
I hadn't seen the wheelchair ones, but my wife and I always try and do a Segway tour when we are on holiday. You can get as close to sights as walking, but cover much more distance. Especially helpful in places like Lisbon, where the hills are 'significant'! Once you get get over the first 10 seconds of your brain telling you you are going to fall over(!), its dead easy! Try one next time you're on your hols. Unfortunately, they can't be used for tours in UK cities, as they count as an electric vehicle and need to be taxed, have lights etc, so its not practical, but most 'foreign' cities have them.
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Thanks sddsdd, I’ll investigate the UK-legal ones, as they seem a neater (and more compact) version of old gits’ scooters. (I do qualify on all counts!)


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