Dyeing Already Half Highlighted Hair

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FrillyPancake | 13:45 Wed 22nd May 2019 | How it Works
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Right guys, I used to dye my hair, and quite happily dye over my existing highlights, firstly to cover my roots (brown), and secondly to give my hair a new lease of life when salon appointments were getting too expensive (as in now).

Skip forward almost 12 weeks since my last visit to my hairdresser, and I have lovely almost ash blonde highlights on half my head (the top half), then the underneath I have always left my natural coour which is a bit of a dark chestnut colour.

I'm researching lot into buying a home colour to put on all over, first to accentuate my highlights, and cover my brown roots, and secondly to try and compliment my natural colour underneath at the back. I was originally looking at doing an all over ash blonde, steering clear of "golden" hues, as want to avid red tones, my original colour already has a lot of warmth.

I know without a picture it's hard to descrie my hair, but given it's blonde highlights on top and my natural underneath, all I really want to do is put on something that will compliment both sections, and not be a COMPLETELY different colour once I've dyed it. I know it's tricky ground, before when I used to do this I would use something that mentioned ash or light blonde, but as the marketplace has changed with box colours so much I'm unsure which are good to use - any people on here have a tried and tested way of covering up roots and accentuating/lifting existing, wtihout changing my colour completely?

I've also got a wedding on the 22nd June, so really can't afford to balls this up - I'm really worried about doing it, but my hairdresser bills are getting completely way overboard, and I need to reign things in where I can....

Any advice is good advice, I don't want to be completely put off where possible too, as I am really keen to do this, but obviously want to do it properly first time round or as close to properly as I can wtihout having to rectify it. All the videos online have scared me stiff BTW....



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And, when I say I used to dye my hair myself, this would've been to do similar to what I'm trying to figure out here, and always worked pretty well. Although I've only had salon hair for around 8 years now - so my hair is WELL highlighted, I'm just really undecided!!!
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Anyone done similar - please guys, let me know what you have experienced and with what product, pretty please with a cherry on top!! :-)
I’m not totally sure what you mean, but you could touch up your roots with the blonde (or a slighter darker shade) and comb through in places with the tail of a tailcomb to put subtle streaks through to the underneath.

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Dyeing Already Half Highlighted Hair

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