Bath Plug System Not Working

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arabbadot | 17:34 Tue 30th Apr 2019 | How it Works
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My bath has a a stopper system by which a 40mm plug set within the grating on the outflow is supposed to be raised or lowered by a 70mm knob mounted near the top of the bath under the taps. Toning the knob does not affect the plug.
Presumably the connecting mechanism is somehow detached.

Can anyone tell me how to access it?

It looks as if the grating is held on by central cylinder which might screw off.

Whoever fitted the bath panel did so in a way which makes it not possible to remove without a redecorating job!


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....remove bath panel.....sorry.
Arghhh, I feel your pain, arab.

Most likely a cable operated system. Yes, you can unscrew things and loosen them, but there's nothing you can do after that.
It may well only need adjusting.

The short answer is that access is needed. Bath panels should always be easily detachable to get at waste, taps etc.
On the positive side - take this opportunity to remove the panel, repair, and refit it so that it can come off easily next time.
Its a sad fact that ( some ) bathroom fitters don't plan for these kind of things happening, they neither check for leaks overnight, before boxing everything in, hopping all is well. Just hell bent on getting the job done, and being paid, any problems after that, is hard cheese.

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Bath Plug System Not Working

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