Cable Coming Away From Dyson Dc04 Vacuum Cleaner

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zingo1327 | 13:49 Tue 26th Mar 2019 | How it Works
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The machine is working but as the cable enters the machine the "plug" that holds it in place has come adrift and I now have exposed live,neutral wires that have slipped out of their sheath.
I have taped these up meantime but I can't figure out how to access the terminals these wires attach to. If I could I could then disconnect them,pull into the machine the exposed wires,reconnect them and insert the "plug" to keep them inside the machine.This barely makes sense to me but hopefully one of you guys will have come up against the same problem and can help me.Thank you in advance


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For a few pounds, be safe and get a qualified electrician to fix it.
Contact Dyson - they do a full service for I think £75 and fix and clean and replace everything for that cost
Try Youtube, they have a lot appliance how tos on there
You have been naughty, haven't you .. you have been stretching the cord so you can get that last little bit of dust at the far end of the room and putting strain on the cord pulling it through to bare the wires ?
I have repaired one many times, her who knows everything has been found guilty of the same offence.
It is a simple repair and I know your vacum is not worth the £75 callout fee that Dyson will charge.
I dont have time to explain the procedure as I am off to work .. but have a look at this ..

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Cable Coming Away From Dyson Dc04 Vacuum Cleaner

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