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spathiphyllum | 15:47 Thu 07th Feb 2019 | How it Works
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got a ring from H. Samuel less than a year ago (i still have the warranty and receipt). The lady in the store said you can come back within the year to get it resprayed with palladium. I'm just wondering what qualifies me for the respray?

Slight variant (goldish) in colour? Maybe a few tiny scratches? Potentially even nothing and i'm simply allowed it done on request?


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lol just me again

I searched the word replating and had more success, but this is all they say on the matter.

"We will re-rhodium plate any white gold jewellery which was bought from us free of charge within 12 months, as long as you have proof of purchase."

To me, that's saying if i have proof of purchase and i want it done, then they will do it.

Seem correct?
Yep. Give it a go.
Question Author
I'll have to

If i get it done now, i'll try get it done the day before the 12 months is up also to try maximise benefit
No flies on you eh Spath;-)
Keep using the gardening gloves !!!
Question Author
lol i do, but issue is they make me hands sweaty then makes me ring smell a bit like body lol so i have to soak it in some soapy warm water
Are you sure about the palladium? Normally the palladium is alloyed with yellow gold to make it "white" and then coated with rhodium.
oh, sorry...I see you've already corrected that .....!
A malodourous ring can be offset with Imperial Leather talc, Lily.
Glad to see you keep your ring nice and sparkly Douglas x
I like to think it acts as a beacon for lost souls on a cold and lonely night.
Question Author
Thank you doug I shall remember that :)

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