Remove Toilet (Flush With Ceiling) Light

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zingo1327 | 14:16 Tue 06th Nov 2018 | How it Works
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I'm trying to remove my flush with ceiling light to change the bulb and clean the glass.How do I remove it. it has 3 clips which are not hinged,are not held on with screws and barely move. My thinking is that the three clips must be attached to the ceiling to hold the glass shade in place but if they do not move how do i get access to the bulb.
Please help before I go mad.


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A photo would be useful. Do they slide ? unscrew ?

Must be a way.
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HI, The gap is barely enough to get my fingers in and I can't feel a slot for a screwdriver. They don't slide. It is bacically the glass globe sitting on the 3 brass holders. I see what you are saying that it would only take one to be removed for the glass globe to be removed... but that's the problem
do the clips fold down ?
Most unscrew, only needs one to release glass.
They could be spring loaded - try pulling on one outward in a direction that would release the glass. If that works you may need three hands to do the job, I once came across something like this and the springs were extremely strong.
At least one of the clips is sprung. You just pull them out until one moves away from the glass enough to release the glass from the other two clips.

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Remove Toilet (Flush With Ceiling) Light

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