Do You Know What This Is And It's Use ?

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donny48 | 12:29 Sun 13th May 2018 | How it Works
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Can anyone recognise this object ? You can judge its size by the Tesco carrier bag, I have not got the object just the photo at present.


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Quoi, I hadn't imagined looking at it vertically, but it would seem that but does have a good from donny further two end shots, it's possible it is aims sort of weighing device?
* It seems donnys further two end pics .. one does have a hole.
Might possibly be some kind of weighing device?
I'm now thinking that it's for rope making, due to its size and weight. It looks far too heavy and cumbersome for cotton or wool.
The cotton museum have got back to me and they're nonplussed as we are.
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Eleena, there are no hanging holes to suspend it vertically.

Melv, I agree with your comments about wool/cotton. A far more likely use would be twine or rope. The shape of the scooped out end would lend itself nicely to threading through the hole in that end.

Cloverjo, thanks for the FB publicity.

Tomorrow I shall try a good sample of the "question and answer sites".
Just had this reply.

//I have asked around several people, including our Head of Heritage Engineering who oversees the Ropery, and I am afraid we have drawn a blank on this one, we really don’t have a clue what your mystery object is I’m afraid.

If you do find out what it is please could you let us know? I have several rather confused researchers at this end!

Kind regards

Claire McQuillan

Archive and Collections Care Officer

Chatham Historic Dockyard Trust

1st Floor North, Fitted Rigging House, Anchor Wharf, The Historic Dockyard Chatham, Kent ME4 4TZ//

We're still no wiser:-(

I'm now thinking it has something to do with the wire industry.
Blimey :0?
By the way donny, I meant a hole at the bottom, a book of something hanging from there. The device itself wall mounted.
book - hook!
//We’ve had a look at the object for you but I’m afraid we’re in the dark on this one, it’s not part of our rope making or spinning machinery here at the ropery. I’ve asked the Workshop Manager for the Dockyard and our collections team and they’ve not come across anything like this before either I’m afraid.

Just guessing I’m assuming it’s using a reciprocating motion to slide back and forth using the spring as tension, it looks as though there’s a small eyelet to accept a wire or thread, but as to it’s function I’m stumped. It’d be interesting to find out more about the twisted part that comes up from the piece.

I’d be very interested to know what it is if you ever find out!

Kind Regards


Adam Young
The Master Ropemakers Ltd

Tel: 01634 823890

The Historic Dockyard Chatham, Kent ME4 4TE

Just got this as well.

Wall mounted vertically.
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I have just returned from holiday and found negative replies to the last of my enquiries, I must therefore give up on this subject but many thanks to all participants .
A tool and machinery forum recommended by my local industrial museum have put the pics on their website. With a bit of luck we might be successful.
I've had no response from the above forum, so it looks like we've hit a brick wall on this one:-(
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Melv , unfortunately it seems that we must give in and admit defeat, Many thanks for your valiant efforts.

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Do You Know What This Is And It's Use ?

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