How Do I Upload A Photo To Pinterest To Create A New Board

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tigerlelly | 13:50 Mon 23rd Apr 2018 | How it Works
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I've followed the instructions but keep getting 'you must save the pin'. I don't have a pin to save as I am trying to create a new pin. All the advice seems to be for the old way of doing it when there was 'Add' on the info bar. TIA


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can I ask what you are trying to pin? Not everywhere allows it now.
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A photo of a Persian cat.
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I am trying to upload a photo of my cat to an existing board.
I've just uploaded onto one of my boards, I went into Pinterest, onto the board I wanted to upload onto, there is a + sign to upload from a webpage or just upload an image of your own, I clicked on upload from my own pictures, go to the pictures on wherever you have it saved, upload it, you might find that the board you chose will the go to choose a board, so on the left hand side, the list of my boards are, I choose the board and saved it there, hope that helps
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Now I seem to have created a new board but the photo will not upload.
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I've uploaded more images since - at what point do you go and create the new board, before you save it (and create the new board) look at where you want to save it to
did you go to drag and drop, or click to upload?
click to upload
choose your picture, (don't mind the website box) just the description box
Click Done
right hand side your boards are listed, choose the board (you can delete the board you created)
saved to that board, see it now

You don't need to click save again as it is already in your chosen board
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Ok. 1. I copy and paste the URL. 2. I upload the photo from my computer using the drag, click etc. Up it comes. 3. I write a description. 4. It all goes pear-shaped as the 'done' button isn't active. I tried upload pin but that didn't work either.
On the chocolate tortoiseshell Persian site there is an empty box attributed to me, but no picture and no description. Phew!
Hey, It's an easy way.But how can I describe I can't understand.
I don't copy and paste a url, I go into my pictures and images - where i have them stored/saved, click on the pic I want and open, drag and drop is handy for website photos, I think because you have C&P a URL and not just uploaded the photo, it is not highlighting the 'done' button because you didn't just 'Open' the pic from your storage, they are looking for the website or whatever from the URL,
I think the url is the problem, if you just opened the pic, your doing ok until you mention url, it's hard to explain when I do something so frequent I am more a kind of - have to see where you go wrong so the only thing I see is the url, I am going to try what you did, see how it goes for me, I can always delete and come back and say how it worked - if I got the unhighlighted Done button too, I suppose you have lost patience by now. Keep with it, it is fun when you pin often and see what's going on ...that's why my housework is falling around me ;)
Not all the sites are now accepting pin. You can check where it has permission to do it.

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How Do I Upload A Photo To Pinterest To Create A New Board

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