Toshiba Dvd/video Player Problem.

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Lurcher100 | 11:30 Sun 03rd Sep 2017 | How it Works
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Hello all, I have a dvd in my Toshiba player and it refuses to eject. It will play and stop but not eject. The flap on dvd drawer doesn`t even try to open. Any suggestions other than buying another? Thanks in advance.


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If you post the exact model number, someone on here will probably be able to help Lurch !
Perhaps the belt on the opening mechanism has come off. I've seen that happen on a cd/dvd drive on a computer.
I was going to suggest removing the top to see what is happening inside. However, whilst I would be happy fiddling with it while power is connected I shouldn't really recommend this. I did this once and without power on I could remove the disc manually. For some reason, other discs then worked. Disclaimer, do not try this as death or other mild peril may occur.
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Thanks all, time to get the screwdriver out.

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Toshiba Dvd/video Player Problem.

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