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22:55 Sun 25th Jun 2017
Sounds American to me.
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I was thinking the same O-G but the advert was in the Sunday Mail so I thought it might be global
It looks like a load of utter b0ll0x to me!

"But how can you watch for free? The secret to that is a law that no cable company in the world wants you to know about. It states that every cable company has to provide additionally to the normal signal a over-the-air signal"

First of all, I doubt whether any such law exists in the USA (since I can't see the point of it) and secondly I'm 100% confident that no such law applies in the UK.

However what I do know is that the cables used in cable TV systems do emit a very small amount of electromagnetic radiation (i.e. radio waves) and that it's theoretically possible to receive those accidental radio signals and to feed them to a TV set in order to watch the programmes being transmitted through the cables (which, I strongly suspect, is what that device seeks to do).

Even so, it can't work if there aren't any TV cables in your area, it won't work if the cable company uses encryption on their signals (as I believe suppliers such as Virgin do) and 'piggy backing' cable signals is definitely illegal anyway.

The contract is bound by British Columbia laws and offers replacement only, no refunds and buyer bears the costs of all postage.

It is, apparently, a super strong indoor aerial that will pick up tv signals from transmitters up to 30 miles away. It MAY pick up the freeview channels but I wouldn't hold my breath
We have Jeestream here in the US. They are cable suppliers. Small company. I have not had any personal dealings with them, but seen adverts.
>>> It MAY pick up the freeview channels but I wouldn't hold my breath

I've had articles published on aerial design and I'd be prepared to bet that it WON'T pick up Freeview signals (unless you're so close to the transmitter that you could use a bent coat hanger anyway!).
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Thanks bookbinder, that link answered my question and what a good link it was too,and to buenchico and hc for your replies, it was advertised in the Sunday Mail and I did wonder
Is that the Sunday Mail in Scotland or the Mail on Sunday?

Buenchico, I bow to your superior knowledge (as usual) :D
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The Mail on Sunday HC
Thanks, ducksie.
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Thanks to all of you,you've been most helpful :) won't be gong near them

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