I Have Just Bought A New Mobile Phone - A Blackberry

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starone | 10:35 Mon 05th Jun 2017 | How it Works
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I have just bought a new mobile phone - a blackberry and while experimenting with it - uselessly as it happens - I turned it off by pressing something at the top - and now unfortunately (for me) I cannot work out how to turn it back on. Can anyone help please, before I throw the damn thing across the room, stamp on it and then into the bin with it.


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Try pressing and holding the same button for a few seconds.
Bad decision to buy a blackberry.

The company are struggling and hugely in debt and their latest phones have got bad reviews.

Any chanced that you can change it?

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Thanks for your help. Douglas, I have tried your suggestion several times, but no luck. The word Blackberry appears for a moment and then disappears, never to be seen again. I shall have to go into town and ask the chap in the telephone shop to help me - ah, me, what a waste of time. I am beginning to think Guilbert is right and I should not have bought it. Thanks, anyway, both of you for taking the trouble to help me.
Is it possibly just flat??
Sound like the battery is flat starone. Charge battery and turn phone on when connected to your household power supply.
The on/off button is the telephone handset one on the far right under the screen, if that doesn't work I would also suggest it's flat. I have a work issued Blackberry, originally chosen because its security was meant to be superior (although they are being phased out and not replaced), I've wanted to throw it out the window a thousand times, worst phone I've ever had

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I Have Just Bought A New Mobile Phone - A Blackberry

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