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havelo | 16:14 Sun 04th Jun 2017 | How it Works
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I want to subtract £100+3.25% from £245 .
It does not seem to like the £ sign ?


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No need for £ sign
Cell A put 100
Cell B put =a*1.0325
Cell C put =245-b

Cell c is your answer
If you want to show the £ sign then format cells A and C to show currency. Right click on them, choose format and currency.
duplicate question........
"No need for £ sign
Cell A put 100
Cell B put =a*1.0325
Cell C put =245-b"

The above will not work. Cell references require a letter and a number, e.g. A1.


In Cell A1 put 100
In Cell B1 put =a1*1.0325
In Cell C1 put =245-b1

If you want a £ sign to be displayed format your cells by using “Format; Format cells; currency”.

If you really want to be clever try this:

In Cell A1 enter 245
In cell B1 enter 0.0325 (Format this to percentage if you want to).
In Cell C1 enter 100
In Cell D1 enter =A1-((C1*B1)+C1)

That way you can alter the £245 (in cell A1), the percentage (in cell B1) or the £100 (in cell C1) and the answer will always appear in cell D1. Better than that, you can copy those four cells downwards and perform the same calculations for any number of values. Don’t use Excel as a calculator, use it as a Spreadsheet!

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