Washing Coming Out Of Machine With Big Black Rings On

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theshedman | 08:39 Tue 23rd May 2017 | How it Works
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Hi, has anyone had this happen to them. Put bed sheet into washing machine on a hot wash and when it was taken out it has very big black rings on it along with other black marks. Got feeling it may be time to call in the repair bloke. Cheers for any answers.


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Sound like the bellows are dirty and gunked up. A hot wash has released the muck and debris that gathers over the months when you are doing mainly 30 or 40 degree temperature washes. I would run a cleaning programme using the detergent that is available, and if you are using the little sachets of detergent to do the washing stop. The things gunk up a machine because the silicone in the sachet stays in the machine and causes an awful mucky film to gather on the rubber bellows that seal the drum and door. With the machine empty and the door open you can fold back the bellows and give them a clean with a cloth. If said cloth is picking up black slime and muck you have your answer.
I wouldn't call a repair man just yet. Sounds like the machine needs a clean first. Run a boil wash with a cup of white vinegar chucked in the drum or you can buy washing machine cleaner in most supermarkets. That should do the trick and as Togo says give the rubber seal a good going over making sure you get into all the folds.
every few weeks I buy a washing machine cleaner and run it through on a hot wash .x
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Thanks for answer. Wife cleans rubbers most times it is used and it has been on hot wash recently with no problems. We went back to using powder few years ago as we had problem with filters clogging up when using and repair bloke said that it could be the detergent.

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Washing Coming Out Of Machine With Big Black Rings On

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