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jenstar | 13:39 Tue 18th Oct 2005 | How it Works
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I want to make my own pepper spray to defend myself against dogs. Is this possible, and is it legal? And how do you make pepper spray anyway?


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I find it easier to tell them I'm married
and for serios answer, it is illegal in U.K, you could try a rape alarm
when are you being attacked by dogs?
i made one for my sister, all i used was some chilli oil, lots of chilli pepper, lime and lemon juice, salt and vinegar and some aniseed powder. Mix it togther and put it into a perfume atomiser (large plastic one from Muji)
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I would add a bit of coriander and tumeric... would make a nice vindaloo

Fill a camera film container with fine ground black or white pepper and keep it in your jacket pocket. This would incapacitate any human or canine assailants when thrown in their direction at a reasonably close range. If the law got curious, then you lurrrrve it on your Bic Macs, but McD's don't keep pepper unfortunately, kind officer.
I still want to know about these dog attacks?
But Lemon Juice in an old small spray bottle and spray it in their eyes....Simple!

you could get yourself a dog which would be easier!!!

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Pepper spray

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