I Have Received A Letter From Kindle Through The Post

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spudqueen | 19:50 Fri 18th Mar 2016 | How it Works
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I have received a letter through the post saying that one of my Kindles requires a critical software ugrade, to be completed before 22 March 2016. Is this true or is it a scam?


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I have also received an email from Amazon. Probably is true,they do need to be updated now and then.
Scammers don't use post very often as it costs them a stamp, but it's still best to be wary. Would kindle know your name and address? The seller of my laptop wouldn't know mine
I have received an e-mail about that.
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Oh yes, they would know the address as I bought it from Amazon and it was posted to my home.
Two do I know which software version my device(Paperwhite 5th generation...the first) has and whether it needs an update? do I know if it's actually updating? I've followed the instructions,and it just seems to be charging.PS...I've not recieved a letter.
Mine updated automatically a few days ago without my go-ahead - the first I knew was when it reported update done. It seems OK, and has different screen layouts for Home etc. (and like most "improvements" it's not).
There's a clickable link on my first link above to find which device you have Pasta, sorry can't be much help otherwise.
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Thank you everyone. Seems it is real, and Mr Spudqueen has updated said Kindle. Just got to be careful these days.
Always worth checking , so true.
I've upgraded my Kindle with no problems.
I have a kindle and have received no notifications of any updates.

Should I be worried??

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I Have Received A Letter From Kindle Through The Post

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