Erecting A Child's Cot

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spotit3 | 09:10 Mon 14th Dec 2015 | How it Works
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I am erecting a child's cot but unfortunately do not have the instructions.
I have 4 long screws and 4 shorter screws.
Which length of screw should I use for the base?


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Not knowing which cot, take your pick here OR type in COT to youtube for demos
Question Author
Thanks, Tamborine, I have already tried YouTube. One video was great apart from the fact that it did not show the size of the screws he used for the different bits. The cot is East Coast and I was hoping someone on here had maybe put one up and could tell me which screws to use where.
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Forgot to say I have already East Coast website with no joy.
mumsnet is usually good with tips on anything to do with tots, I found this if it helps, you will have to zoom the instructions
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Thanks, Eanceoil
Question Author
Unfortunately not, Tamborine, still doesn't tell me which length of screws to use where.
I would say that the longer of the screws to hold the base to the two cot ends.
Question Author
Thanks, will try that tomorrow.
Best of luck, spotit3.
Are you sure you are not dragging your heels here !!! It surely is not rocket science....
Helpful advice was asked for and I presume the cot is now up after 3 weeks since the OP.
Question Author
Sorry I am only getting around to replying now and thanking people. My son arrived next day and in 10 mins he had it erected. Many thanks to everyone for their advice.
Great stuff, thanks for the feedback.

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Erecting A Child's Cot

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