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nigidivitch | 12:52 Fri 23rd Sep 2005 | How it Works
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Right - well my battery went flat on my Clio (V-reg), and as a result it reset the radio.  I then took my car to the local Renault garage, who have been trying to work out the code for about 2 weeks, and despite taking the all the appropriate numbers from the car and from the radio itself, they have not managed to find the code, and I just got a phone call from them telling me to go to an independent car-radio specialist for them to decode the radio.  I don't want to do this as I have just spent over �900 on a bloody service and haven't got any more money to spend on the car.  Does anyone know whether there is a way I could find out the code?  It's a nightmare driving around with no music!!!



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had the same problem , had no intention of going to Renault, went local cost me �20, sorted in a couple of hours.

Renault are indulging in legalised theft.

New Key Needed �163

Automatic Gearbox Problem Renault said new gearbox needed cost incl �2,500

Actual problem : just needed autogearbox oil cost �5

Forget the money just go local and get it done

Question Author

Cheers for that Bazwillrun - totally agree about the theiving ikes that are Renault!  Won't be going back I don't think!

Oh, and before anyone has a go - sorry for posting this in the wrong place!  Shall use "Motoring" in future!!

Have you tried looking on ebay - there are people advertising that they can unlock car radios on there.
All Renault dealers should be able to sort out your problem. The following is quoted from Renault's web site:

"How do I obtain radio code for my vehicle?

You may obtain a radio code for your vehicle, by visiting any one of our main authorised Renault Dealerships*. Please ensure that you have proof of ownership of your vehicle.

*There may be a small charge for this service."

The fact that the staff of your local dealership haven't got a brain cell between them shouldn't deter you from trying another Renault main dealer. (They won't all be as bad).

Look in Yellow Pages for an alternative main dealer. When you contact them, don't just tell them you need a code for your radio - explain the whole history. Any decent dealership will take pleasure in proving that they're better than their local rivals. (After all, they want to encourage you to choose them as first choice in future!). With a bit of luck, they'll sort out your problem for free - otherwise they shouldn't charge you more than a tenner or so.

Just an afterthought:

It's occurred to me why your local Renault garage (and indeed any other Renault garage) might have a perfectly valid reason for being unable to solve your problem:

When you ask a Renault garage to find out the code for your radio, they don't do anything to the radio. They just contact Renault to get them to feed the relevant details into their computer to find out the code assigned to the radio when the car left the factory. This will be fine as long as the radio hasn't been recoded in the intervening period! Suppose a previous owner of the car had a similar problem to you but, instead of going to Renault, he went to his mate who knew how to recode radios - then the radio will have been allocated a new code which no Renault garage will be able to find out. In which case, all a Renault dealer can do is to advise you to seek the services of someone who can re-code radios. So perhaps they're not so stupid after all! (And, if this is the case, you might as well ignore my previous post!).

Try .  I used them for my Peugeot; it took half an hour and cost �9.95.  (main dealer quoted "about �30 plus VAT"). Due to total stupidity, I lost the code and needed it again a couple of weeks later - when I phoned him up, he simply looked me up in his diary for the original day and read it back to me for free. Brilliant service!!
The code should be in your user manal or handbook, can't believe your service cost �900! I took my V-reg clio to a local garage for it's service and MOT and it cost �148 in total!

My other half has a Williams 2 and when he needed the radio code

I have been in the motor trade for 7 years and have never heard of it being such an issue! Worst case scenario they should remove your radio, take a code from the back of it, and send that code to Renault. Should take 1-2 days and cost max �15 I think, I've never known it be more complicated than that on any car.

Sorry, ignore that first bit!

I found my radio code on the inside cover of my service manual

Kind regards

Kr15tel :)
I found out the Renault dealer who supplied the vehicle from new - scanned and attached a PDF of my V5 as proof of ownership and emailed them explaining the problem. No more than 3 minutes later they emailed me back with the 4 digit code and it worked perfectly - no charge, no hassle, nothing... can't complain with service like that!!
i was referred to this thread with the hope of a solution and some people have made some useful suggestions but just one thing; to everyone who suggests looking in a manual or the back of the radio - do you not think that these were the two effing things we did first.....?
Hi, I have an 02 clio and my radio code is on the original paperwork for the car.. the original quality control check document if u still have that
get renault codes at

cheapest on the net and ALOT cheaper than a dealer
Hi everyone,

You can get radio codes for Renualt/Phillips for free at this site:

Just follow the instructions, and they will email your code for free.

All they ask is a small optional donation to keep the service free for everyone.

Hope that helps.
This is the the easiest method to get your code.

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