Plastic Carrier Bag Clarification, Please

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hc4361 | 17:58 Thu 08th Oct 2015 | How it Works
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I bought raw meat from Morrison's. It was on a tray and wrapped in film.
The till operator insisted it have its own plastic carrier bag without charge as it is raw meat and that is the law.

I bought raw meat from Tesco butcher counter. It was put in to a plastic bag by the assistant who was still wearing the plastic gloves she used to pick up and weigh the meat. The till operator insisted I would have to pay for a carrier bag as the meat was wrapped.

"Shops don’t have to charge for bags used for unwrapped food, raw meat and fish, prescription medicines, uncovered blades, seeds, bulbs and flowers, or live fish. However, if another item is put in the same bag, the charge kicks in."

The assistant at Tesco was adamant that she would be breaking the law if she gave me a free bag.

Clearly one of them is wrong, but which one?


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I've emailed Tesco and hope they reply.
The till operator at Tesco is wrong and is overreacting !

I always out meat of any description straight into me bag, when paying. If it is already wrapped, its doesn't need to be wrapped again !

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Plastic Carrier Bag Clarification, Please

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