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in a mo | 08:23 Wed 29th Jul 2015 | How it Works
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I have loaded my USB Memory Stick and arranged the items in alphabetical order but when I plug the USB Stick into my player the items are in a different order,any idea why this is and is there a way I can remedy this problem .

Thank you so much


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If you just click on the list each time you go into it you can select alpha order. It';s a pain to keep doing it each time though
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Fiction Factory
Do you mean click on the list when I put the USB stick into the Player,sorry not so bright I fear ,thank you
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Fiction Factory could you please have a look at a question I posted re answer you gave for me yesterday re USB Memory Stick.
Thank you
Sorry, I didn't read it properly - I now realise you are putting the memory stick into an iplayer or similar rather than another laptop/PC. It really depends on the features your player has- I'd have thought there was an option on it to sort tracks in alphabetical order but I don't know. Sorry
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Thank you for your input I shall look again.

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Usb Memory Stick Problem Query

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