Recording Telephone Calls.

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glenbar | 19:47 Mon 29th Jun 2015 | How it Works
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Does anyone know where I could buy a gadget to attach to my landline to record phone conversations.
Thank you


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MI 5.
Ebay is your friend – plenty of things like this available, other cheaper options if you already have some recording device, which only requires interface with the phone line.
Why do you want to do it. You can't use the recording as any form of legal evidence unless you tell the callers at the start of the call that they are being recorded.
Richard is wrong
he was right but now he isnt

consent for recording is one sided in the UK
so long as one party knows then it is OK
( an employer therefore cant record two employees without their knowledge)

no I cant give you chapter and verse bowever one judge commented he saw no difference between taking or making a note and making a recording

this isnt bad
scroll down to can I record my own telelphone calls ?
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Thanks for all your answers. I am continually accused of saying things I haven't said therefore I need to record myself in conversations with a certain person to prove I am not losing my marbles.
Sarcastic or funny comments will not offend by the way.
Having read the link that Peter posted I still think i am correct that a recording can only be used as evidence in legal proceedings if all parties are aware of it. glenbars has clarified that the recording is for personal use and it would appear that this is permitted without informing the caller.
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