How Do I Copy An Hyperlink In An Email.......

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Deskdiary | 18:36 Thu 12th Mar 2015 | How it Works
7 Answers my desktop?

That's it!



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how do you mean, copy it to your desktop? If it's in an email, is it in your desktop already? Where exactly do you want to put it?
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and therein lies the problem - I am a luddite!

I've received a link in an email which opens up a file with a number of spreadsheets in. What I'd like to be able to do, if possible, is to have a shortcut with an icon on my desktop which will take me straight to the file and the spreadsheets.

Hope this makes sense!
Left click on the link to open it in your browser

Right-click on the link and select 'Copy' (or 'Copy Link' or whatever else appears within your email system).
Open your web browser, right-click in its address bar and select 'Paste'. Click 'Go' (or hit 'Enter').

THEN . . .
You're now viewing the relevant web page. If you want a shortcut to it on your desktop, reduce the size of your browser window (by clicking on the overlapping squares in its top right-hand corner). Then 'click-&-drag' the small icon which appears immediately to the left of where it says "www." in your address bar, pulling it onto your desktop.
Open the email and copy the address.

Go to desktop. Right click on an empty space, click 'new' then 'shortcut'.

Copy the address in to the box (right click, paste) then add your title.
You hadn't answered when I started, buenchico.

Crossed posts!

I had assumed that it was a link to a web page. If it's actually to an attachment, open your spreadsheet program and view those spreadsheets by clicking on the link.

Then, in your spreadsheet program go to File > Save.

Then EITHER . . .
Save the spreadsheets directly onto your desktop (in which case no further action is needed)
Save them in a location of your choice (such as 'My Documents')

IF you chose the latter route . . .
Go to 'My Documents' (or wherever you've saved the spreadsheet file to). Right-click on it and select Send To > Desktop.
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Excellent - thanks all.

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How Do I Copy An Hyperlink In An Email.......

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