How much electricity does a fridge use?

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AJShep79 | 10:08 Fri 09th Sep 2005 | How it Works
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Out of curiousity, how much does it cost to power a fridge? (e.g. it costs �5 to power a fridge for a month)


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It depends on the power consumption of the fridge(Quoted in Watts) and what your service provider chargers you for your electricity per kWh. 

The power consumption range of the fridge can normally be found in the instruction manual - it would be best to work using an average value.  A range is given normally as the power consumption varies depending on what setting the fridge is on and abient temperature conditions.  If not there may be plate on the fridge somewhere quoting the power of the motor in Watts.  Of course this wont tell you the power consumption of the whole unit but it should be fine to give you a good idea. 

This fridge is rated at 220KW hours per year

so at say 7p per KWh that's about �1.20 per month

There is a calculator here:

Watts x hours x no.of days


= KWh for time period.

A old fridge can use 500KWh per year where new fridges can use 300KWh.  The EU label on the appliance will tell you how much energy (KWh) your appliocance will use in a year.  Multiply this by the average cost of KWh units from your utility provider (7p average) and you can work out how nuch it all costs.   

It is well worth bearing in mind, when considering the cost of an appliance, that a C-rated fridge or freezer can cost over double that of an A***-rated one to run, so it may be a false economy to buy a cheaper, lower-rated unit.

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How much electricity does a fridge use?

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