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douglas9401 | 10:30 Sat 07th Feb 2015 | How it Works
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Morning. I recently inherited a Samsung GT-S5839i phone with the quietest the world.
I've downloaded one (via WiFi) but can't see a way to move it from downloads to ringtones so it can be used.
Can anybody provide an old man with a little help? :-)


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Install Zedge on your phone, thousands of tunes to choose from and it installs them automatically, get the app from the "Play" store on your phone.
Im assuming you have turned the volume up on your phone?
You can change the volume of your ringtones.

Just go into Settings and select the Sound option I think it is.

Here you can change the volume for a number of different things (ringtone, music etc)
VHG, some ringtones are just very quiet even on full volume, im assuming douglas has one of these.
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Thank you Ratter, yes, I have tried volume but the phone seems designed not to disturb anyone. -)
I'll have a look at Zedge but what I really want is a good old fashioned 'ring ring'.
It has to be different from her indoors though.
Thanks again.
douglas, You will find it on zedge, every ringtone you can imagine!!

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