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whistonian | 10:56 Sun 25th Jan 2015 | How it Works
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The main stopcock to my home is on the pavement 8 houses down the road,so when turned off it affects other homes.I have had a water meter fitted in my garden ,could i use this to turn off the mains as I need to change the washer on the indoor stopcock.


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They have put a meter outside my house although I don't use it. When i had a plumber in he was able to turn the water off there, so I suspect it would be the same for you. Take a look and see what is possible.
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Cheers OG,I have had a look at it,it is quite deep but reachable and there does appear to be a tap behind the meter.Will give it a try when weather is better. picture here...
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Thanks for that SlackAlice.
Refer to the instruction that should have come with your water meter.
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Dustypuss,no instructions whatsoever were left by Yorkshire Water after fitting.However a follow up letter was received informing me how meter readings were obtained.
Yes, use the tap next to the meter.

One thing though ......... don't expect to wind it like a conventional stopcock. It will most likely be a "quarter turn" valve.
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Thanks for that tip builder.

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Outdoor Main Stopcock

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